PatientSERV's response to COVID-19: We're here to support our doctors and patients

With the increasing concern regarding the current Coronavirus (COVID-19), we want to let you know that PatientSERV is closely monitoring news and reports, and we are doing our part to take precautionary measures to ensure the health and safety of our partner physicians, clinics and employees.

We understand that this could be a stressful time for physicians and patients throughout Ontario and we are here to provide assistance where we can. Please use our online Patient Portal if you are looking to register for a PS365 Annual Plan or if you are already a patient who would like to renew your plan.

If you have any other questions or concerns regarding our services please call us at 1-800-385-3210 or email

Please refer to Ontario’s Ministry of Health to stay safe and updated and on all information regarding the COVID-19.

Our team here at PatientSERV are doing our very best to demonstrate our commitment to our physicians and provide assistance to their patients. Thank you for your patience. Stay healthy and take care of yourselves and others.

The PatientSERV Team

What are uninsured services?

Although many healthcare services are covered by provincial health insurance there are a number of services that are not insured.

Some examples of uninsured services include:

Prescription renewals by telephone

Medical certificates for work, school or insurance purposes

Travel immunizations

Why do I have to pay?

Uninsured services are not covered by provincial health insurance and often require significant time and resources for your doctor and their staff to administer.

How does PatientSERV save me money?

PatientSERV provides annual membership plans to help you save.

PatientSERV allows you to choose between an annual membership plan, or pay-per-service.

PS365 Membership Plan
  • Saves you money by bundling services
  • Enrol online or by mail
  • Individual and family plans are available
  • Alternative if you do not want to register for an annual plan

Monthly payment plans allow fees to be paid in low monthly payments.

Is your doctor's office not a PatientSERV office?

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